Abortion Pill Pack

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Abortion Pill Pack

Abortion Pill Pack

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Unwanted Pregnancy: Terminate with the help of Abortion Pill Pack

With the medicine world heading high, the modern day women prefer the usage of Abortion pill for fetus removal, in comparison to surgery, especially when the results are significantly fruitful and absolutely safe. This methodology of terminating pregnancy in a non surgical way  which has proved to be a success  and a win among women folk who are looking for safe and secure procedure in this regards.

Pregnancy termination with medication or in other words through the non surgical way can be done only if the same is of less than 7 weeks or till 9 gestation weeks.  For the females it is a tough decision to identify the safe abortion pill, know its effects, understand the required precautions, and identify its correct dosage and the procedure to use it. In these situations it is the Abortion pill pack which comes as an answer to all the trouble where the medicines can be used easily and the pregnancy gets terminated harmlessly and effectively.

What are the contents of Abortion Pill Pack?

Abortion Pill Pack primarily comprises of two major medicines Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These tablets are beneficial only if the same is taken in the 1st trimester. The drug Mifepristone is majorly used to control endometriosis as well as uterus cancer, but nowadays it is often used to terminate early pregnancies too. Similarly Misoprostol has other medication usage too but when both of these drugs are used for pregnancy termination the success rate s found to be nearly 98%. The abortion Pill pack can be purchased online and females can use them independently though it is highly recommended to seek doctor’s advice and guidance for assurance of termination as well as ensure good health conditions before and after the termination. 

How to use the Abortion Pill Pack

The abortion pack contains 1 dose of Mifepristone and 4 dose of Misoprostol. There are altogether 5 tablets. On Day 1, the user needs to consume Mifepristone with water, and then after three days on Day 4 she needs to have all the four tablets of Misoprostol orally by placing them under the tongue.  There are few health conditions which are expected after taking the medicines. Like after having Mifepristone one may feel nausea or like vomiting and even get some bleeding. After Misoprostol one can expect painful cramping and heavy bleeding. It is advisable that after 14 days of taking medication one must have an ultrasound scan to get assurance of the termination.

Why Chemistlane?

For many females it is important that pregnancy termination is kept private and that is why the safest way to opt for an abortion pill pack is through online purchase. Chemistlane is one of the reputed pharmacy stores which are known for its authenticity of products and trustworthiness. One can get an absolute 24*7 service with anytime delivery assuring complete privacy. The prices of the products are reasonable and purchasing on the website is quite easy. 

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